AUTHORITIES_FH1Crime and arrest reports for the month of August, 2013, unedited, as provided by the Fair Haven Police Department.

August 4: Cpl. Jeff Jarvis took a theft report from the owner of a boat docked at the Shrewsbury River Yacht Club.  $530.00 worth of property was removed from the vessel by and unknown actor(s).  Det. Stephen Schneider is investigating.

August 4: S/O Robert Henne took a report of Criminal Mischief from a River Road resident. An unknown actor(s) broke the driver’s side window of a vehicle parked in the victim’s driveway.  Nothing was removed from the vehicle.

August 7: Sgt. Jesse Dykstra arrested several juveniles who fled from a motor vehicle stop on foot. All were apprehend and subsequently charged.

August 5: Ptl. Christian Hostrup arrested Nicholas Hoffman Age 20, for Possession of over 50 grams of Marijuana, Possession with intent to Distribute and Possession of Drug paraphernalia.

August 12: Cpl. John Waltz took a Vandalism report from a River Road resident who reported his vehicle being “keyed” by an unknown subject(s) while the vehicle was parked in his driveway. The incident is believed to occurred during the previous evening.

August 14: Ptl. Christian Hostrup took a report from a Hance Road resident in reference to harassing phone calls from a family member of a client.

August 16: Ptl. William Lagrotteria took a report of Auto Theft from a Battin Road resident.  A 2013 Blue Mercedes Vehicle was stolen from the driveway while the resident was home. Det. Stephen Schneider is investigating.

August 16: Sgt. Jesse Dykstra arrested Glen Nixon Age 33, for an outstanding warrant out of Red Bank. Subject was released after posting bail.

August 23: Ptl. Christian Hostrup charged Thomas Parrish, Age 52 with Harassment after making menacing phone call to a business owner in town.

August 24: Ptl. Dwayne Reevey arrested Patrick Jackel, Age 22 following a fight that took place on Battin Ave. Mr. Jackel was charged with Aggravated Assault, Possession of Cocaine and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

August 25: Ptl. Christian Hostrup took a theft report from a Briarwood Road resident. The front license plate of the vehicle had been stolen the previous evening

August 27: Det. Stephen Schneider took a theft of services report from a homeowner on Forman Street.  An HVAC contractor installed lesser grade furnace than the one stated in a contract.

August 29: theft report from a Third Street resident. An unknown actor(s) entered the homeowners’ vehicle through the sunroof and stole the victim’s driver’s license and registration.

August 29: Ptl. Eric Patton arrested Felix Vega, Age 47 after turning himself in on an outstanding warrant. Subject was released after posting bail.