fixx-ext-082411A tentative deal to settle allegations arising from recent melees has tentative agreement, the mayor says. (Photo by John T. Ward. Click to enlarge)


Fixx, the troubled Red Bank nightclub that was facing a license suspension hearing this week, has negotiated a tentative settlement with the borough, redbankgreen has learned.

Mayor Pasquale Menna confirmed on Monday that the deal has led to the cancellation of a trial-like hearing by the borough council that was scheduled for Tuesday evening.

Terms of the deal were not yet ready for disclosure, however, Menna said, because all signatures have not been obtained on it.

Asked if the deal called for a voluntary suspension of the Fixx liquor license, Menna said it does, and contains “other conditions.”

The West Front Street bar, the scene of three massive brawls in recent years, was facing a liquor-sales shutdown of 40 days over allegations arising from the two most recent, in September and October.

Assuming the signatures are obtained, the agreement would go to the council for a ratification vote on December 18, Menna said.

Borough records list Mike Gilson of Little Silver as Fixx’s owner.