073014 jamians2 Rick Norman is Jamian’s quizmaster on Tuesday nights.(Photo by Susan Ericson. Click to enlarge)


073014 jamians3For the second week in a row, thirsty brainiacs packed the patio bar at Jamian’s Food and Drink in Red Bank Tuesday night, not only for the cut-rate nachos and Miller Lites but for a chance to show off their smarts.

It’s Trivia Tuesday at the Monmouth Street watering hole, and for those patrons with the answers, it’s fun. For others, it’s more of a delicious groan fest and camaraderie. Nothing, it seems, makes you feel better about defeat than a burger, fries and cold beer.

073014 jamiansWhiz kids and deep thinkers crowd the bar for trivia night at Jamian’s. (Photo by Susan Ericson. Click to enlarge

Do you know the capital of Florida? That was one of the easier questions. “What was invented to relieve women of hysteria in the nineteenth century?” Rick Norman asked the large group. With heads together in teams, you could hear everyone whispering back and forth. Then: “Thirty seconds… Alright, pens down everybody,” and the answers are locked in for better or worse.

Grumbles and giggles ensued when the answer pages were traded and marked. Shouts of “I knew it” and “I thought so” rippled through the crowd.

This week’s  grand prize was a set of glassware. Last week’s included beer cozies, fake mustaches and a gift card. It really isn’t about the prizes, though. It’s all about the fun of showing off just how much useless knowledge you really have.

“I’m a teacher with a masters degree.” said one of the gamers, “I should have known that answer.”

The plan is to run the trivia game on Tuesday nights at 7:30 through mid-October with food and drink specials changing weekly. The seats fill up fast, so be on time and remember, no cell phones, no calling out answers and no arguing with the quizmaster.