rbpd 042915 3rb pedestrian 042915 2Red Bank police were out on Broad Street Wednesday afternoon for a brief pedestrian safety enforcement push. The effort resulted in five summonses issued to motorists and 13 warnings, some to drivers and some to pedestrians, said Chief Darren McConnell.

But the enforcement might easily have gone on for hours, judging by activity seen by redbankgreen. See below. (Photos by John T. Ward. Click to enlarge)

rb pedestrianThe pedestrian above was first cut off by two vehicles, one that blocked the crosswalk when it became stopped in traffic, and the other, in the foreground, that drove through the crossing as he passed behind the stopped vehicle. (Click to enlarge)

rb pedestrian 042915 3Two vehicles drove past a couple as they were in the crosswalk. (Click to enlarge)

rb u-turn 041915Another motorist made a u-turn to grab a parking spot. (Click to enlarge)

rbpd 042915 1A patrol car goes off in pursuit of a vehicle that cut off a pedestrian. (Click to enlarge)