050315 Atlanticbgl5Atlantic Bagel’s version of the smoked bologna sandwich sold at Citi Field. Below the kitchen of the bagel shop.  (Photos by Susan Ericson. Click to enlarge)


050315 Atlanticbgl4The New York Mets are on top of their division and…

Wait! What?

Yes, it’s true. Fans of the Amazins are once again flocking to Queens in larger-than-normal numbers, which can mean up to 45,000 mouths to feed. And what are those ballpark disciples devouring? Baloney!

Ok, bologna, to be more precise. But it’s no baloney that Ross DiMiceli, owner of Atlantic Bagel Co. in Rumson, pays homage to his favorite team by copying a sandwich he’s had at Citi Field.

050315 Atlanticbgl2Outside patio seating is more appealing than the crowded inside seating at Atlantic Bagel Co. (Photo by Susan Ericson. Click to enlarge)

Born and bred on Staten Island, the son of a 37-year NYPD sergeant and a former New York City firefighter in his own right, DiMiceli is also a devoted Mets fan.

The sandwich in question is actually a one served at the barbecue restaurant Blue Smoke in Corona, Queens, which also has a concession stand at the ballpark.

“When we were at a game at Citi Field, I had that sandwich and stole it,” DiMiceli says New York-style, without apology. But not without some attribution: a sign taped to the bagel case at his East River Road restaurant says his version of the sandwich, called the Atlantic Home Run, is his way of “bringing Citi Field to you!”

So what’s the big deal about a bologna sandwich? The original Blue Smoke version is served on a Brioche bun, and includes a slab of smoked and grilled bologna with onions, pickles and barbecue sauce.

In DiMiceli’s adaptation ($5.75), the bologna is sliced, grilled, served on a grainy mustard-slathered sesame bagel with sweet sauteed onions and crunchy garlic pickles.

It was slimy, salty, spicy from the mustard and weirdly reminiscent of PieHole’s childhood bologna sandwiches. Messy to eat, with the sweet onions falling all over the place, the different components come together on the bagel to create a delectable treat.

Atlantic Bagel Co. is open weekdays from 6 a.m. to  4 p.m., Sautrdays until 3 and Sundays until 2.