RBR_HIGH_SCHOOLLouis Moore, below, comes to RBR from Bergen County, where he’s been a high school principal since 2007. (Photo above by John T. Ward. Click to enlarge)


louis moore 1After a two-year interval under caretaker leadership, Red Bank Regional High has hired a new superintendent.

The one-school district’s board last week approved a three-year contract with Louis Moore, the principal of Ramapo High School in Franklin Lakes, in Bergen County.

Moore, who starts the new job on July 1, replaces Thomas Pagano, an Interlaken resident who has served as interim superintendent since the June, 2014 departure of Jim Stefankiewicz, who became superintendent in his hometown of Ocean Township.

RBR spokeswoman Marianne Kligman told redbankgreen that a state-mandated cap on salaries that local districts are permitted to pay supers limited the number of potential candidates to replace Stefankiewicz, leading to Pagano’s selection.

Last fall, the board resumed its search and identified “a larger pool of candidates,” leading to Moore’s selection, she said.

Moore’s contract, approved by the board on April 6, runs through June, 2019 and pays a starting salary of $147,500.

Moore’s accomplishments at Ramapo, where he’s been the principal since 2007, include the implementation of a “freshman transitions” program and work to enhance interdisciplinary learning, Ramapo Indian Hills Regional Superintendent Beverly McKay told North Jersey News.

From that article, published Tuesday:

“Lou was instrumental in the districts’ wellness initiative” said MacKay. “Who is a better example than Lou – who bicycles to work from his home in Ramsey?”