KITCH-ORGANIC_071516The Flyin’ Hawaiian  at Kitch Organic in Red Bank. (Photo by Sherri Hall. Click to enlarge.)


This week, PieHole‘s Cool Inside summer series features a healthy way to beat the heat with a vitamin-packed smoothie from a 100-percent gluten-free establishment.kitch flying hawaiian 1Jennifer Freeman at the blender. (Photo by Sherri Hall. Click to enlarge.)

What is it called?

Flyin’ Hawaiian

Where is it sold?

Kitch Organic

75 Leighton Avenue

Red Bank


The Flyin’ Hawaiian is also available at the Asbury Park location.


$8 for a 16-oz. serving

What’s a Flyin’ Hawaiian?

Kitch xecutive chef Jennifer Freeman tells Cool Inside this smoothie is made using fresh pineapple, house-made apple juice, house-made coconut milk, frozen strawberries, unsweetened shredded coconut and a just a hint of vanilla.

All of the ingredients are blended together until smooth and then served.

Where’d the recipe come from?

Owner Joe Durso says he first had a similar drink when he was on vacation. “It reminds me of a tropical island,” says Durso of the cold concoction. “That’s my favorite thing in the world.”

He decided to put his own spin on the drink and used to make the Flyin’ Hawaiian smoothie at home before opening the restaurant in October, 2015. Plus, he was dyin’ to call something the “Flyin’ Hawaiian,” a name he came up with many years before even entering the restaurant business.

What’s great about the Flyin’ Hawaiian?

The best part about this smoothie is the restaurant’s signature seven-apple blend, says Durso. Four types of sweet apples and three types of tart apples are used, resulting in more of a cider-style taste, he says.

It’s also very popular with the customers. “Once we put it on the menu, it has been our best seller,” says Durso.

Fill in the blank with the first word that comes to mind:

If the Flyin’ Hawaiian didn’t exist, life would be “all work and no play.” (Durso)

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