A view of the proposed Bijou project as seen from English Plaza looking south, with a warm-weather festival underway. (Click to enlarge)


Here are the highlights of the proposal for a new Red Bank parking garage submitted by Bijou Properties, one of five developers to submit plans in response to a borough solicitation earlier this year.

A rendering of Bijou’s Edge Lofts project in Hoboken. (Click to enlarge)

White Street Proposal

Total parking spaces: 600 in an eight-story structure at the western end of the lot.

Total housing units: 200 in an eight-story structure

Commercial/office square footage: 23,000 mixed retail, restaurant and other commercial along an “arcade” fronting on White Street.

Ownership structure: NA

The proposal also includes 15,000 of public open space. Here’s the complete submission, with sensitive financial information redacted by the borough.

Bijou, based in Hoboken and led by principal Larry Bijou, shows a handful of multistory Hoboken residential buildings on its website, which touts a commitment to sustainable, refined and community-oriented structures.

Among them is a conversion of the former Hostess Cupcake Factory, which the Bijou website says includes “Hoboken’s first living green roof, which provided a natural place for rainwater to collect and eliminated storm water runoff, as well as increased efficiency and insulation for tenants.”