Red Bank Animal Control Officer Henry Perez reports that he experienced a first Friday morning: a ‘lost’ dog that showed him where she lives.

Perez tells redbankgreen the female German shepherd, about eight months old and without ID tags, was found at the corner of Broad Street and Irving Place by a neighbor. Because the dog was friendly, Perez said he planned to let her ride in the front of his van en route to a shelter, but “she put the brakes on,” Perez said. “She wouldn’t get in the van.”

After a few minutes, the leashed pup “started pulling me, so I let her pull me,” Perez said. The dog then led him to a house at the other end of the block, closer to Maple Avenue. It turns out the dog, named Oona, has been staying there while her owners are away, Perez said.

“She actually took me to her house. That’s the first time that’s ever happened,” said Perez.  (Click to enlarge)