Goldmans2David Goldman with his son, Sean, who was taken to Brazil on “vacation” by his late wife four years ago and never returned.

David Goldman, the Tinton Falls man whose child custody battle has attracted national attention, finally got to spend some time with his 8-year-old son in Brazil yesterday, the Associated Press reports.

Rep. Chris Smith, who accompanied Goldman to Rio de Janiero, told the AP by phone that Goldman and his son, Sean, were shooting baskets and splashing in a pool.

Smith said the reunion, in which Goldman and son saw each other for the first time in more than four years, could be a precursor to the father winning custody of the boy.

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Goldmans2David Goldman with his son, Sean, who was taken to Brazil on “vacation” by his late wife four years ago and never returned.

Today’s Asbury Park Press has a lengthy piece about David Goldman of Tinton Falls, who has been locked in a bizarre international custody battle for his son for the past four years.

Columnist Bill Handleman recounts how Goldman’s life plummeted into one of inexplicable heartache soon after he saw his wife and son off for a two-week trip to her native Brazil:

He hugged them. He kissed them. After she passed through security, his wife turned and mouthed the words “I love you” to her husband. She pointed to her eye, then to her heart, then to him. It was a little thing they did.

“I can still see her doing that,” Goldman says now.

That was the last time he ever saw her.

She called the next day from Brazil and told him she was never coming back. If he ever wanted to see his son again, she added, he would have to come down and sign some papers and agree to a series of demands.

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About 20 kids on a school bus making its way through the Society Hill development in Tinton Falls got a scare yesterday when the driver of the slow-moving vehicle passed out.


The bus jumped a curb and struck a fire hydrant before the driver, whose name wasn’t released, put the vehicle in reverse and stopped it, according to one account.

No children were injured, but the driver was hospitalized, said Tamar Sydney-Gens, business administrator for the borough school district. His condition was not immediately known.

The bus was carrying K thru 3 students at the Mahala F. Atchison Elementary School.

Carrie DeVincens, who lives in the development, said she was at home when a neighbor ran into her house telling her to call the police and report an accident. She then went outside and, unable to pry open the bus door, got the kids to open an emergency window. Other neighbors hoisted her into the bus through the window, she said.

“Two or three kids were crying,” but the rest appeared calm, she said.

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West_front_streetTravis Radcliffe’s ‘Monmouth Street,’ one of 18 of his pieces on display at Echo through the end of the month.


One glance at the above painting, and we were transported back to the lonely world of Edward Hopper. There’s an echo of Hopper’s Early Sunday Morning, isn’t there? And not just in subject matter.

“Hopper is a very big influence,” says painter Travis Radcliffe. In his own work, “there are a lot of pieces that are kind of peering into the subject’s mind while they’re in a contemplative state.”

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Mcd1_2All that’s left of the McDonald’s on Shrewsbury Avenue in Tinton Falls is a pile that includes the eatery’s play area.

A sign lying on the sidewalk out front says the restaurant will be rebuilt and reopen by “end of summer 2008.”

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