Today, overheated friends, Cool Inside gets cultured, as redbankgreen pays a visit to Frozsürt, a frozen yogurt shop in Red Bank.

What is it called?
Today we feature Frozsürt’s original “plain tart and tangy” frozen yogurt with fruit toppings.

Where is it sold?
6 Monmouth Street
Red Bank, NJ 07701

This non-chain business, launched in March, is owned by Danny Natale and former Red Bank police captain Aurelio Ramos and run by them and family members, including Danny’s wife, Eileen Natale.

Danny and 15-year-old daughter Emily came up with the Frozsürt name by combining (wait for it!) the words ‘frozen’ and ‘dessert.’ The umlauts “made it easier to trademark,” Danny says.

“There are a lot of places that sell frozen yogurt, but there isn’t anything like this in Monmouth County,” says Eileen.

A small plain yogurt is $2.95; with two fruit toppings, it’s $3.75.

A medium with two toppings is $4.65, and the large with two toppings goes for $6.55.

What’s in it?
Skim milk, probiotic cultures, which are said to be good for the digestive system, and “the rest is secret,” says Eileen.

The fruit — including blueberry, strawberry and mango — is fresh, not frozen.

What’s great about it?
“The taste, and the health benefits, and the fact that after you eat it, you don’t feel yucky,” Eileen says with a laugh.

Frozen yogurt is certainly not for everyone, she acknowledges, particularly those who are looking for the sweetness of ice cream. Though this product has a little sweetness to it, it’s also bitter. But for those customers looking for something that’s more like ice cream, go for the Frozsürt chocolate, Eileen says.

Fill in the blank with the first word that comes to mind:
If this product didn’t exist, life would be: “sad.” (Eileen Natale) “Boring.” (Danny Natale)