Some weeks, the pickings are better than others, and this past week saw a good number of posts that might merit the Comment of the Week spotlight.

A couple of commenters, for example, made a strong case in calling on the borough of Red Bank to change the name of Drs. James Parker Boulevard back to West Bergen Place, seeing as how the borough government itself isn’t consistent in using the current name. Those appeared beneath our article about a detour on what even redbankgreen called “West Bergen Place” instead of Drs. James Parker Boulevard.

We also saw some smart and sometimes amusing comments beneath our stories on the sale of the Ashes liquor license, the controversy over Rumson rec‘s now-altered plan to drop Fair Haven kids from three sports, and a handful under our article on Cinnamon Snail owner/chef/driver Adam Sobel in his effort to obtain a permit to sell his gourmet offerings from a truck that would park somewhere in Red Bank. That story (VENDOR GETS COUNCIL TO PICK UP THE PACE) has generated more than 100 comments so far.

One of them gets this week’s call-out. It came from “george bistrob,” a restaurateur with a bricks-and-mortar establishment on Broad Street who one might think would be threatened by such a permit. But George praised Sobel for his “passion to get his dream,” and the way he’s gone about generating support:

GA I was 26 years old when I bought BISTRO. My father did not give me and my brother money we took everything we had and borrowed and bartered everything to get our dream up in Red bank. that was 15 years ago next month. If you want it to make it happen. Problem with the American DREAM is everyone thinks they are entitled to it. Its the other way around its hard work and dedication. me and my brother gave up alot to do what we like to do but hey we dont complain we love it.

It seems that Adam has a passion to get his dream done he is going through the right channels and seems to generating a buzz. More power to him. What more can you ask? He is not excluding anyone else he is merely paving the way for new business and new ways to do it. No one even said he would be the only one but the first one. Give it a trial run for one year and see what happens. Red Bank needs a new way of thinking the old ME ME ME took away from our city and never returned it. I for one and grouping business and residents for a move out of this mess and have already begun a committee to get things going.

I say let ADAM prove his case and give him a trial permit for a year. best of luck.

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