rumson-crashOne person was injured in a head-on collision on Rumson Road Tuesday night. (Photo by Dustin Racioppi; click to enlarge)


An unidentified driver was taken to a hospital with minor injuries after a head-on collision at a busy intersection in Rumson Tuesday night.

The crash occurred around 9:15p at the corner of Ward Avenue and Rumson Road, opposite Holy Cross School — a problematic and sometimes tricky area to navigate, neighbors said.

“I’ve been waiting for an accident to happen here,” one neighbor said in passing by the scene, where a black Subaru and maroon Jeep Grand Cherokee, with hoods popped, had their left sides of their front ends smashed together on the south side of Rumson Road.

The Subaru driver, a male, sat on the side of the road, wrapped in a blanket, and received treatment from borough EMS personnel, while the driver of the Jeep was taken away on a stretcher. Rumson First Aid Squad Captain Joe Truex said the driver’s injuries were not serious.

The location is the scene of frequent accidents, said Paul Darnulc, who lives nearby on Shrewsbury Drive. Rumson Road narrows at that point as it heads west from the Rumson-Sea Bright Bridge and crosses with Ward and Shrewsbury, he notes. Add in speeding vehicles, and it makes for a dangerous intersection.

“This happens a lot,” he said.”I think people travel this road a little bit faster than they should. It’s 40 miles-per-hour [limit], but I think they go faster than that.”