Twenty-five of the 27 readers who wrote in to identify the four pastel-colored Adirondack chairs shown in last week’s photo got it right.

The mistaken pair might want to take a seat in what several others refer to as the Four Chairs of Wisdom – which according to Jim Fitzmaurice, replaced the Bench of Knowledge – outside Butler’s Deli in Rumson.

It is there during early morning sessions, that “the problems of the world are discussed and resolved,” Jim writes. “Weather permitting.”

Thanks to all who wrote in: Nancy Banta, Bruce Whitaker, Wendy Giguere, Jim Fitzmaurice, Jo Ann Vincent, Christine Burke Eskwitt, Brock Siebert, Kevin Chieff, John Ekdahl, AJ Shanley, Michael McMahon, Tracy Towler, Dawn Stout, Sarah Stout, William Stout, Randee Cohen, Nanette Reis, Paul Finn, Eleanor Bass, Shelagh Gilbert, Mikey222, Trish DePonti, Ed Keighron, Patricia Quadarella, Jack Hall, Ellen Clayton and Melanie Woods.

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