Amy Manor is closing off the vestibule to her design studio, above, because of damage she said has been done by nighttime smokers. Below, Manor with cigarette butts left behind the shop. (Photos by Dan Natale. Click to enlarge)


Amy Manor is sick of blood, vomit, and broken windows.

She’s giving the vestibule of her eponymous Red Bank interior design studio, at 4B West Front Street, a makeover in reaction to damage that she says patrons of local bars have repeatedly inflicted.

At a cost of about $12,000, Manor is enclosing the vestibule.

The small cubby in front of the shop received particular abuse because of its ability to provide shelter to patrons of nearby bars. Partygoers have been known to huddle in the space during the winter to shield themselves, and their cigarettes, from the harsh elements.

Naturally, trouble ensued.

Manor says that she has had to clean up countless cigarette butts, not to mention puke. She’s found butts in her mailbox, and graffiti on her windows. She even recalled one occasion where a fight broke out, which left her glass door broken and blood splattered on the windows.

Manor said she has tried everything from putting up signs to calling the police to keep loiterers away. Remodeling the entryway is the last resort, she said.

Though disgruntled at the financial loss, Manor acknowledges the trials and tribulations come with being located close to three prominent bars – most notably, the Downtown, which is right next door. But the business has been understanding and has tried to help her through her ordeal, she said.

Nick Falabella, a manager at the Downtown, said he regularly helps Manor clean the space. The Downtown’s bouncers have also attempted to keep smokers out of the vestibule, he said.

“We help each other out all the time,” said Falabella.”If she needs anything from me, I’m there for her. She brings business in here. That’s how Red Bank survives.”