Jamian’s plans an open-air bar out back, replacing a garage on Gold Street, below. (Click to enlarge)


Another open-air bar is set to join the Dublin House‘s Temple Bar and the yet-to-be-built rooftop bar atop Teak on Red Bank’s Monmouth Street.

Jamian’s Food and Drink won borough planning board approval Monday night for a plan to to expand its restaurant and bar operations by adding back-door dining patio with eight tables and an 11-seat bar.

In order to make room for the add-on, Jamian’s will demolish a garage  on the southeast corner of its property, architect and planner Michael Simpson told the board.

“The gist of the project is that the garage building comes down… and in its place goes a patio with some landscaping on the Gold Street side of the property,” Simpson said.

Jamian’s currently grows fresh vegetables on the roof of its building, and would use the new space to expand garden practices.

“The idea is that there will be a little bit of structure,” Simpson said, adding that any changes would add to the existing open-air atmosphere of the business, which features roll-up garage-style doors on its facade.

Think of it as an outdoor interpretation of the open wall and ceiling beams that characterize the front entrance, said owner Jamian Laviola.

“The intention is to be outside. The intention is to put bamboo in place and to give it that feel,” he said. “It’s really just going to be casual, which is what we are now. We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel, we just like to provide good service and a nice comfy space.”

As part of the approval process, Jamian’s sought to be reclassified from a primary drinking establishment to a primary food establishment. The request met some skepticism.

“Two things: noise and trash,” said board member Guy Maratta.

Addressing the board’s concerns about trash storage, Laviola agreed to a stipulation to control drainage by building an enclosure over the outdoor trash receptacles. He also agreed to continue a six-day trash disposal program.

In addition, Laviola agreed to conditions banning amplified music and outdoor heaters, and to light the alleyway that connects the Monmouth Street entrance to the back patio on Gold Street.

“Jamian’s has been around for a while –it’s nice and established,” Laviola said. “Now, we’d like to just keep growing a little bit and brighten it up back there.”