soupmeister Soupmeister Gary Sable unveils new additions to this season’s soup lineup for PieHole. (Photo by Jim Willis. Click to enlarge)


With colder weather upon us and soup on our minds, PieHole headed over to see Red Bank’s Soupmeister, Gary Sable at That Hot Dog Place.

Despite the name of the diminutive shop, tucked away beside the Dublin House, it’s the soup that’s the real draw, and naturally, this is the time of year when things heat up for Sable. Ever since he opened the place back in 1995, October has marked beginning of soup season.

But as usual, Sable didn’t go cold during the warmer months. He was cooking up some new recipes for this year.

“I’ve got a chicken pot pie soup that’s new,” he says. “It’s made with carrots, peas, potatoes and cream and pie crust,” says Sable, showing us a container of pie crusts that he crumbles into the soup bowl just before serving.

“The chicken tortilla soup is also new,” he says. “This one has chicken, tomatoes, black beans, jalapeño peppers, and it’s poured over tortilla chips and topped with shredded cheddar,” says Sable.

Sable says that even though he has been doubling the recipes for his two new menu items, he’s still selling out.

“The new soups are going like crazy,” he says. “By 1:30 on most days, it will be gone.” Sable says to get in the door before then for your best shot at trying one of the new soups.

Sable’s still toying with a possible third new addition to the menu.

“I’ve got another one I’ve been playing around with: chicken and black bean chipotle chili. I served it once, and people really liked it, but I want to tune it up a little bit.”

Sable posts his soup lineup daily on his website.