AUTHORITIES_RB2How’s this for gratitude?

After Red Bank police gave an Ocean County man a ride to the to the borough train station Monday evening, he became belligerent and wound up in the Monmouth County lockup.

The incident began with a call from Char Steakhouse, on Broad Street, where a drunken customer was reported to be harassing other patrons, said police Captain Darren McConnell.

Police found Patrick Farrell, 32, of Point Pleasant, intoxicated, but no one was willing to sign a complaint against him.

Because he was too inebriated to drive, police offered him a ride to the train station. He accepted, McConnell said.

But once at the station, Farrell became combative with police, who then arrested him for disorderly conduct.

The police report says Farrell, while handcuffed, “had to be physically wrestled” into the back seat of the patrol car, and on arrival at the police station “had to be physically pulled out of the car.” That added resisting arrest to the charges.

“He was almost home,” McConnell said.

Borough Judge William Himelman set bail at $12,500.