rb diner 013014Grilled chicken wrap with curly fries, at the Red Bank Diner. (Photo by John T. Ward. Click to enlarge)

morsels mediumThe seasoning on the grilled chicken in the grilled chicken wrap sandwich at the Red Bank Diner? It’s a secret.

And the dressing? Also a secret, teases owner Loui Kanellos, before allowing that it’s just a simple house concoction.

Kanellos opened the Red Bank Diner with a partner in early 2011, taking over the space long occupied by the East Side Café Diner.

The Staten Island resident says the Broad Street restaurant’s out-of-the-way location – between a dry cleaner and a giant Verizon switching facility, at the southernmost edge of the downtown – makes it a challenge to draw the kind of crowd he’d like for dinner. But he does a strong breakfast and lunch business, with lots of regulars, including a gang of Red Bank volunteer firefighters who stop in every Sunday morning.

The most popular dishes, Kanellos says, include the Mediterranean panini, the chicken Francaise, and the cheesecake.

The grilled chicken wrap ($9.95) is made with the aforementioned secretly-spiced chicken, lettuce, tomato and red onion.