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The Curchin Group accounting firm seeks input on beneficiaries for their annual “Curchin Open” indoor golf fundraising event.

Press release from The Curchin Group

The accounting firm The Curchin Group has announced that they are now accepting essay submissions to determine the nonprofit beneficiaries of the 12th Annual Curchin Open, a nine-­hole indoor miniature golf tournament.

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curchin-open-110216-9curchin-open-110216-1Once a year, the Curchin Group in Lincroft, a CPA practice, moves its desks and files aside and transforms its Half Mile Road office into a miniature golf course, where it hosts a fundraiser called the Curchin Open.

This year’s edition, held last Wednesday, generated $18,000 for two charities:  Mary’s Place by the Sea and the Monmouth County SPCA, which brought two rescues (including a pup named Coco, right) to the event.

redbankgreen was there to document the fun, which included a packed clubhouse bar, a buffet and games. Be sure to click the “read more” for additional photos.  (Photos by John T. Ward. Click to enlarge)

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curchin open 111015 1Faithful readers of redbankgreen know The Curchin Group as the accounting firm that hosts the annual tradition known as “The Curchin Open;” a nine-hole indoor miniature golf tournament that’s raised more than $136,900 for selected non-profit organizations since its inception in 2005. The firm is now accepting essay submissions to determine the beneficiaries of their 11th Annual Curchin Open, with recognized non-profit charities in Monmouth and Ocean Counties invited to enter by writing a 250-500 word essay detailing the mission of their organization, how the funds will be used for the greater good, and why their organization should be chosen as a beneficiary charity. Essays can be submitted now and will be accepted through Wednesday, June 1. The Curchin Group’s partners will select the beneficiaries by June 30, based on the quality of the essay, the reputation of the organization and the proposed use of Curchin Open proceeds. Eligible groups can go here for more details.


curchin open 111015 5curchin open 111015 7Once a year, the CPAs at the Curchin Group in Lincroft take off their green eyeshades and get a little silly, setting up a miniature golf course among their cubicles and offices. And as always, the 10th annual edition of the Curchin Open, held earlier this month, was also highly beneficial for two charities — in this case, Lunch Break and Monmouth Day Care Center, both of Red Bank, which will share in the record $16,500 raised from attendees. 

redbankgreen was there to document the fun, which included a packed clubhouse bar, a buffet and games. Be sure to click the “read more” for additional photos. (Photos by John T. Ward. Click to enlarge)

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Curchin 2Just another day at the office? For the tenth consecutive year, the certified public accounting firm Curchin Group transforms its Schultz Drive office suite into a nine-hole miniature golf course, as the “Curchin Open” raises funds for two worthy Red Bank-based nonprofits on November 10.

Press release from The Curchin Group

The Curchin Group, LLC, a mid-sized, full-service accounting firm, announced that on Tuesday, November 10th from 4 to 7 pm it will be hosting its 10th Annual Curchin Open, an indoor miniature golf tournament for charity. The tournament will take place indoors at Curchin’s office (200 Schultz Drive, Suite 400, in Lincroft), as the company will transform the space into a 9-hole, fun-filled miniature golf course, open to both experienced and beginner miniature golfers.

Each year, all proceeds from the events go to two locally based nonprofit organizations. This year, Curchin has selected Lunch Break, Inc. and Monmouth Day Care Center, both in Red Bank. The goal of Lunch Break is to alleviate hunger and lead those they serve to self-sufficiency and healthier lifestyles. Monmouth Day Care is dedicated to providing a safe, stimulating environment for families seeking quality childcare without regard to race, religion, ethnicity or economic status.

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curchin 102814curchin 110613 5Let’s face it, golf is about exercise without breaking a sweat, right? So why not do it in the climate-controlled comfort of  an office, beverage in hand?

The Curchin Open, an indoor golf tournament held annually in the Lincroft offices of the CPA firm Curchin Group, returns for its ninth edition Wednesday. And amid the scratch-off games, raffles and fine refreshments, players will once again get to play nine, fun-filled holes laid out among the cubicles.

The proceeds of the event (at $20 per player) will be split between the Samaritan Center at the Jersey Shore and HABcore Inc. The open runs from 4 to 7 p.m. at 200 Schulz Drive, suite 400. To reserve a tee time, call Dawn Grosso at 732-747-0500. (Click to enlarge)


curchin 1Remember to replace your debits: The eighth annual Curchin Open brings nine holes of competitive mini-golf to the offices of CPA firm Curchin Group. (click to enlarge)

Accepted wisdom has it that accountants, like so many other creatures of the cubicle, tend to “let their hair down” in a major way during the holiday office party season. At one long-established firm on the greater Red Bank green, the first week of November sees the Lincroft headquarters of  the Curchin Group  become a scene that surpasses even the wackiest theme ever cooked up by the Dunder Mifflin Party Committee — all in the spirit of fun, and all for a couple of great causes.

Scheduled for the hours of 4 to 7 pm Wednesday, November 6, the eighth annual Curchin Open transforms the Schultz Drive office suite into a nine-hole miniature golf course, complete with greens, hazards and accounting-themed novelty obstacles. Foursome teams of registered participants will take to the links, beneath the drop ceilings and fluorescent lights, to raise money for two locally based nonprofit organizations — Family & Children’s Service of Long Branch, and the Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore.

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holiday-express-1A packed-greenhouse crowd at Sickles Market raised $72,500 last Friday night for Holiday Express, the rolling musical extravaganza that brings good cheer this time of year to 50 or so audiences. (Photo by Peter Lindner. Click to enlarge)

Done2A great American (Patrick Henry? Paul Bunyan? Leo Gorcey?) once observed, “They also Done Good, who stand and wait.” And as most of us wait here in the all-clear zone between the chaos of Halloweelection Day and the holiday hyperdrive heralded by Black Friday, we remind you that November continues to offer more than a few ways in which to Do Good.

It could be as easy as contributing a couple of bucks or some nonperishable items to any of the many food banks that operate year-round on the greater Red Bank green. A donation to an area toy drive. Or a helping hand for your neighborhood school, church and youth organization to help others, simply by attending (and having a blast at) one of the fun events scheduled for the days and weeks to come.

We’ve got a few recommendations right around the corner, so pass the candied yams and dig on in.

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roseharrystevenshoganClockwise from top left: Village People chief Felipe Rose, Blondie bombshell Debbie Harry, funk bassmaster TM Stevens and  actress Siobhan Fallon Hogan are the honorees at the Monmouth County Arts Council’s annual Celebration of Excellence on October 29.

There’s a school Halloween party in which the parents are the ones who get to dress up and have all the fun. A gala affair in which the solid-citizen guests of honor are, to put it mildly, NOT the usual old rich guys with their checkbooks. And a hot-ticket sporting event that not only takes place indoors — it barely loses sight of the office water cooler.

Done1Just because something’s Done Good by the community doesn’t mean it has to be done by the stodgy playbook of gowns, tuxes, and hundred-dollar plates of cordon bleu balanced on bony laps. Here in the season of merry mischief, we’re pleased to bring you a roundup of do-gooder public events with an ever so slightly playful bent — a list that begins this Friday, and continues on into the next few eek-ends.

FRIDAY: Oktoberfest at Ye Olde Allen House. The old Allen place, that historic (circa 1710) house on the corner of Broad Street and Sycamore Avenue in Shrewsbury, becomes a Publick House for one night only, in a benefit for  The Monmouth County Historical Association that offers an evening of “beer tasting and tavern fare” in the spirit of the season. Reserve tickets ($50) at (732)462-1466.

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This is one of our favorite events of the year: the Curchin Open.

We’re talking nine holes of miniature golf played on elaborately crafted greens that have been laid out — get this — between the cubicles and copy stations of the Curchin Group, a Red Bank accounting firm.

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Fairways that doglegged around cubicles. Water hazards jammed up against the copier. Sand traps among the tax court analyses.

The Curchin Open, a miniature golf tourney put on by he accounting firm Curchin Group, had its second edition in the firm’s offices on Half Mile Road Monday night.

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Pity the poor Certified Public Accountant. Wonkishly dull, they say. Obsessed with arcana. Underdeveloped sense of humor.

And whatever you do, don’t mess with a CPA’s workspace, because everything is exactly where it belongs.

Yeah, well, the folks at the accounting firm Curchin Group LLC hope to take a divot out of the stereotype next week.


Next Thursday, Sept. 21, they’ll put their green eyeshades to new use when they host what they’re calling the first annual Curchin Open, an indoor miniature golf tournament for charity.

That’s right, indoors. In their offices. With holes laid out to look like dollar signs and calculators stuck between the desks. Not to mention the best amenities of a clubhouse. Namely, food and booze.

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