red bank foodtown produce 031220Nearly empty shelves in the produce department at Red Bank Foodtown Thursday night. (Photo by Matt Anderson. Click to enlarge.)

Foodtown in Red Bank is “working hard” to ensure a steady supply of essential products and has intensified its cleaning and sanitizing efforts in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Broad Street supermarket said in a statement issued Friday.

Here’s the full statement:

Dear Foodtown Customer,

As small business owners and members of local communities, the Foodtown family of stores is reaching out to you as a valued customer to tell you about the safety measures we have in place at Foodtown to deal with the challenges of the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Below are the steps and actions we are taking to ensure the safest shopping experience possible.

Also, know that we are in close communication with local, county and state health officials, and are diligently following guidelines and procedures recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), as well as our own food safety and sanitation experts.

Providing A Safe Shopping Environment

Cleaning and sanitation best practices have been intensified and we are strictly adhering to operating procedures that meet or exceed industry standards. Store surfaces are being sanitized and cleaned throughout the day, including checkout lanes. Cashiers are also using hand sanitizer throughout their shifts.

Strict hygiene procedures within food preparation areas already exist, but we are taking extra precautions. In addition to food handlers wearing hats, hairnets, plastic gloves, and prepping foods in highly sanitized kitchen areas, associates are more frequently cleaning surfaces and utensils touched by our customers.

Produce handling is also given extra care, and store associates are making use of readily available gloves. (We would also like to remind our customers to follow FDA guidelines about rinsing produce before consumption or peeling so that bacteria and germs are not spread to home kitchen knives and counters.)

Disinfecting wipes have been placed at the entrance of the store for the benefit of our customers and associates, and we remind everyone to wash their hands frequently.

Product Availability

We are closely monitoring store shelves and our supply chain. We have very strong relationships with our suppliers and we are working hard with them to ensure that essential goods and high demand items such as disinfectants, hand sanitizers, groceries with long shelf lives, and paper goods will be replenished as quickly as possible.

Online & Telephone Ordering for Delivery or Store Pick-Up

We have expanded our resources to handle online shopping orders and are ready to handle the rising demand for home delivery and at store pick-up. To place your orders online, please visit or  Again, we are happy to make every accommodation possible to increase your comfort level and meet your needs.

Supporting Our Valued Customers & Associates

In addition, we are pleased to offer professional support to you with our Registered Dietitian, Jacqueline Gomes, who can best advise you on a healthy diet and how to keep your immune system strong.  Please email your questions to:  Also, you can follow Jacqueline’s advice on her blog at

Our associates are being encouraged to follow best practices when it comes to their personal health outside the workplace, and if they are not feeling well, they are instructed NOT to report to work. Associates are also being cross-trained so that services will continue should coverage in an area be needed.

As local small business owners, we are committed to serving our community and remaining open for business. 

If you have any further questions, please contact us at

Warm regards,

Foodtown Family of Stores