The free, 24/7 pantries have been installed at the YMCA, above, and Lunch Break, below.

Press release from the Rotary Club of Red Bank

The Red Bank Rotary has created three “Mother’s Pantries” as freestanding pantries to distribute diapers, baby wipes and feminine hygiene products to those in need.

In partnership with Lunch Break, the Salvation Army and the Red Bank Family YMCA, these pantries will provide a limited free supply of items often needed by families. The colorfully painted, unlocked pantries are accessible 24/7 for anyone in need to use.

The Salvation Army on Newman Springs Road also hosts a Mothers Pantry. free, 24/7 pantries have been installed at the YMCA, above, and Lunch Break, below.

Funding for this project was provided through a matching grant from Rotary District 7505 and the Red Bank Rotary Club. The grant made it possible to purchase the pantry structures and an initial supply of items. The Mothers Pantries will provide a short-term supply of the basic items needed by all babies but not funded by formal support systems like government funded WIC or food-stamps.

“Families with young children have been particularly vulnerable throughout the pandemic,” said YMCA of Greater Monmouth County Chief Operations Officer Jennifer Dunn. “Our Y is pleased to partner again with the Red Bank Rotary Club to lighten the burden of cost for essential baby supplies. We are also grateful for community collaborations that help strengthen the lives of our neighbors.”

The Red Bank Salvation Army and Lunch Break are additional agencies supporting this project with active pantries located in front of their buildings. Annabel do Santos and Felipe Concha, Envoys of the Salvation Army Red Bank Corps state, “the Salvation Army Red Bank Corps is grateful to be part of the Mother’s Pantry initiative led by the Red Bank Rotary Club. The Mother’s Pantry is stocked with diapers of various sizes and sanitary items for women that is free of cost and open 24/7. This has allowed us to continue to serve our community, especially mothers and children, at any time of the day.”

Like hunger, a lack of diapers has a profound impact on a child and family. One in three parents has faced not having enough diapers. They are then sometimes forced to change their babies less frequently or reuse soiled or wet diapers, putting children at high risk for painful diaper rash, infection, illness and worse: studies show that a child who cries frequently — and children with diaper rash and infections generally do
cry more — is more likely to suffer abuse.

Past Rotary President Jay Schwartz said “the Red Bank Rotary Club is excited to be the catalyst for this community driven project. The motto of all Rotarians is “Service Above Self; we are hoping our Red Bank neighbors act is service to others by leaving supplies in the pantries to be used by others”.

Schwartz encourages folks to think of their neighbors when out shopping and pick up a pack of diapers, wipes of feminine products and leave in a pantry.

The Mothers Pantries can be found at:

• Lunch Break, 121 Drs. James Parker Boulevard
• The Salvation Army, 180 Newman Springs Road
• The Red Bank Family YMCA, 166 Maple Avenue

If a family requests additional assistance for diapers, collaborating agenicies may refer them to the Bayshore Family Success Center, Leonardo, NJ,(732-497-3811) for details on the Success Center’s monthly “Pop Up Baby Pantry” distribution of baby diapers.

The Red Bank Rotary Club, founded in 1921, is part of a global network of 1.2
million members. Built on the concept of service to others, the Red Bank Rotary Club actively seeks projects to assist other Red Bank organizations and residents.

For more information about the Mothers Pantry or how you can help support the
Red Bank Rotary Club’s efforts please contact Katie McAdoo, or Jay Schwartz,

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