Vehicle parking would be allowed only on the east side of Spring Street for several blocks if the proposed change passes. (Photo by John T. Ward. Click to enlarge.)


hot topic red bank njA plan to flip parking from one side of Spring Street to the other returns when the Red Bank council holds its semimonthly meeting Wednesday night.

Also on the agenda: a new four-way traffic stop, an expansion of a lead-pipe replacement program, and the installation of a $4-per-transaction automated teller machine in borough hall.

The intersection of Leighton Avenue and Drs. James Parker Boulevard would be the latest in town to get a four-way traffic stop. (Photo by John T. Ward. Click to enlarge.)

Here’s the agenda at glance:

• An amendment to the parking ordinance that was slated for introduction in March but tabled after residents raised concerns makes its return.

At present, parking is prohibited on the east side of the street for the entire length of the road, from East Front Street to the Little Silver border. The proposed change would allow parking on the east side from Harding Road to the border, while prohibiting it on the west side.

According to interim borough administrator and police Chief Darren McConnell, the change would make it easier for owners of homes on the west side of the street to back out of their driveways.

The change was tabled after several residents of Highland Avenue suggested the matter needed more study.

• Increasing the bonding for a program to find and replace lead pipes used to supply water to homes on the west side of town to $3.84 million, from $2.4 million.

Under a separate action, the council would authorize up to $231,000 in fees to ENGenuity, the Red Bank-based engineering firm overseeing the project, which would include an additional 150 addresses.

• Formally adopting an ordinance change to create a four-way traffic stop at Leighton Avenue and Drs. James Parker Boulevard.

• Awarding a contract for repaving and other work along the length of South Street to Fernandes Construction Inc.

The firm’s $722,780 bid was the lowest of three for the project, beating the nearest competitor’s last week by $124,500, according to the resolution.

Under a separate action, the borough’s engineering consultant, T&M Associates, would be paid $87,750 for engineering and construction management of the project.

• Authorizing the installation of an ATM in borough hall.

The cash dispenser would be owned and maintained by Patriotcash Solutions LLC, which describes itself on its website as a veteran-owned business that donates “a percentage of every transaction” to a nonprofit organization that supports veterans.

Under the agreement, the borough would receive 15 percent or 20 percent of each $4 transaction fee charged to users, depending on the length of the installation contract.

Here’s the full agenda. The meeting is scheduled to be conducted both in-person and via Zoom beginning at 6:30 p.m.

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