CHILL_072816A Lemon-Strawberry Ice Bubble from Chill Bubble Tea in Red Bank. (Photos by Sherri Hall. Click to enlarge.)


chill bubble tea 5This week, PieHole‘s Cool Inside summer series gets a little bubbly and fruity with a cold drink that pops in your mouth.
chill bubble tea 3Strawberry boba spooned into the cup. (Photo by Sherri Hall. Click to enlarge.)

What is it called?

Lemon-Strawberry Ice Bubble

Where is it sold?

Chill Bubble Tea

15 White Street

Red Bank


The Lemon-Strawberry Ice Bubble is also available at the Chill Bubble Tea shop in Belmar.


Small $3.50, medium $4.00, large $5.00, extra large $5.50 (all prices include tax).

What’s in a Lemon-Strawberry Ice Bubble?

According to Red Bank location owner Suzanne Duignan, the Lemon-Strawberry Ice Bubble consists of organic green iced tea, lemon puree and strawberry boba — fruit “bubbles” that burst in your mouth.

Lemon-strawberry is one of the most popular flavor combinations here, says Duignan. Customers can also create their own ice bubble by selecting green or black iced tea, a signature syrup or fruit puree and the boba of their choice. Aside from the fruit-flavored boba, there are tapioca boba, which are chewy, as well as coffee boba, which are jelly-like and made up of raw coconut soaked in espresso.

How is it made?

The lemon-strawberry version is made by shaking lemon puree, green tea and ice together and then pouring the mixture over the strawberry boba.

How did the idea come about?

Duignan says her friend, Denise Russo, former owner of the Red Bank location and current owner of the Belmar location, created the product because she wanted a healthy and refreshing cool drink.

What’s great about the Lemon-Strawberry Ice Bubble?

“It’s so refreshing and is not as heavy for the summertime as a milkshake,” says Duignan. “There is no added sugar, and it’s full of antioxidants from the tea. Also, it won’t give you the jitters like coffee because the caffeine burns more slowly.”

For those who have never tasted a bubble tea drink, Duignan offers samples. “Once people drink it for the first time, they want more,” she says.

The shop also carries locally made ice cream in addition to a variety of other bubble tea drinks.

Fill in the blank with the first word that comes to mind:

If this beverage didn’t exist, life would be “less bubbly.” (Duignan)

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