Egg cream 082616A New York Egg Cream from the Red Bank Diner. (Photo by Sherri Hall. Click to enlarge.)


red bank diner 082616This week, PieHole‘s Cool Inside summer series finds an old-school Brooklyn lunch-counter favorite still being made right here in Red Bank.

 egg cream 2 082616No eggs are harmed in the making of this product. (Photo by Sherri Hall. Click to enlarge.)

What is it called?

New York Egg Cream

Where is it sold?

Red Bank Diner

179 Broad St.

Red Bank



$2.95 plus tax

What’s in it?

Although there are many theories, it’s not known with certainty how the egg cream got its name, considering it contains neither eggs nor cream. But diner owner Louis Kanello says his eatery prepares this New York City staple by stirring together several pumps of chocolate syrup with half a cup of milk and a cup of seltzer.

A vanilla variation can also be made using vanilla syrup instead of chocolate, says Kanellos.

Patrons can also opt for whipped cream on top, says server Sal Stabile, noting that this classic fountain drink is more popular in the summer, mostly with the adult crowd.

“A couple comes in every weekend specifically for the egg cream, and each gets one to go,” he says.

What’s great about the New York Egg Cream?

“It’s from New York,” says Kanellos, adding that the Red Bank Diner uses Fox’s U-Bet brand of chocolate syrup, which he adds is a New York tradition and considered necessary for making a proper egg cream.

“It’s refreshing, and can serve as a dessert at the same time,” says Stabile.

Fill in the blank with the first word that comes to mind:

If the New York Egg Cream didn’t exist, life “wouldn’t be full of chocolate milk and fizz.” (Kanellos)

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