Draw whatever inference you will from the notion of hordes of shambling, lurching social networkers crying out for “braaaains:” there’s no denying that zombies are big business these days, both at the box office and in the hearts of an alienated generation (they’re also cheap and plentiful).

Today’s edition of Red Bank oRBit has an interview with the Jersey Shore’s own King of the Zombies, Jason Meehan, as he his wife Christine prepare to wrangle what’s shaping up to be a record-setting installment of the Asbury Park Zombie Walk events they started just one year ago. It’s an offering that’s grown so quickly, in fact, they’ve rebranded it as New Jersey Zombie Walk — and the “JerZombies” will walk again this Saturday, on the boards and boulevards of the city that was itself written off for dead not so long ago.

As Dorothy Creamer reports, it’s just one part of a whole day and night of living-dead thrills that includes zombie beauty pageants, brain-eating contests, zombie movies and a live recreation of Michael Jackson‘s “Thriller.” Even the Shore’s resident roller derby squad will be psyching out their opponents in zombie get-up, and yes, you probably read that here first.

It’s all in there, with even MORE weekend weirdness in the days to come, ONLY in Red Bank oRBit.




It’s well along into autumn, when thoughts run to Halloween and pie and those mischief-filled nights leading up to Election Day. But a few miles down the coast there’s still time for one more beach bonfire, one more surf movie night, one more late-season daytripper.

Today’s edition of Red Bank oRBit features an interview with none other than Australia’s two-time world surfing champion Beau Young (right), who comes to our fair Shore for the first time this Friday night for special event.

It’s as a singer and songwriter that the recently retired Young pays a visit — and it turns out that Beau knows chords as well as Beau knows boards, since he’ll be showcasing songs from his just-released second album on a program with the acclaimed film Searching For Michael Peterson. It’ll be a rare look at the documentary profile of the troubled 1970s surfing superstar known as “MP,” and it all goes down at a beloved landmark that’s similarly been to hell and back — the historic Carousel building on the Asbury circuit.

It’s all here, as just a taste of all that’s weird and wonderful in the weekend days to come, at the outer limits of Red Bank oRBit.



bartwaltersmallHave that little cellophane-wrapped toothpick at the ready, and let no one stand between you and that last plastic tumbler of merlot.

Today’s edition of Red Bank oRBit offers up a virtual wine-and-cheese tour of some half-dozen all-new art happenings going on at the galleries (and museums, and libraries, and even hospitals) of the greater RB oRBit — not to mention more already in progress. Either way, it’s a lot of cabernet and camembert, so watch that wine intake, or this Art Walk will be a Pub Crawl in the morning.

We’ll take you to the Blaisdell Lobby at Riverview Med Center, scene of a fundraising sale starring the Plein Air Painters of the Jersey Coast; to the county library’s Eastern Branch, where an After Hours Celebration walks on the wild side, courtesy of noted sculptor Bart Walter and his big bronze “Wildthings” (as pictured above). We’ll celebrate Asbury Park’s Arts Block with some wonderfully noisy neighbors, and tell you the best places to dodge this Saturday’s anticipated zombie attack.

It’s all here, along with a “Midweek Hangover Helper” roundup of music, film and theater events that should knock you flat into this Thursday —only on the walls of Red Bank oRBit!




“It was the last time that New York was any good,”  Marcia Resnick tells us. “Everybody was poor then.”

The legendary fine-art photographer and photojournalist comes to Red Bank on Friday for the opening of Punks, Poets and Politicians, a major retrospective of her work as a chronicler of (and participant in) one of the most seismic shifts in modern American music, art and culture — all of it centered around NYC’s dimmest days, and nearly all of it accomplished on a shoestring budget.

Red Bank oRBit has an interview with the artist (pictured above, alongside one of her portraits of the late Johnny Thunders) in advance of her appearance at  McKay Imaging Gallery. The woman who shot Andy Warhol (and Abbie Hoffman and Timothy Leary and Sid Vicious) tells us of her experiences with famous faces ranging from cult figures like Lester Bangs, to cultural touchstones like Mick Jagger and the ill-fated John Belushi.

It’s all right here, in Red Bank oRBit.




Today’s the Boss’s birthday, and over at Monmouth University, organizers are putting the final touches on a special four-day, multi-venue event known as Glory Days: A Bruce Springsteen Symposium. It’s a giant Hallmark card of appreciation to the Jersey Shore’s fave son — one signed by dozens of leading lords of academia, cultural arbiters, music historians, political pundits, medical professionals and more.

Organized by Virginia Tech and hosted by Monmouth U, the Sheraton Eatontown and  The Stone PonyGlory Days assembles a fairly mind-boggling schedule of concerts, walking tours, roundtables, panels, presentations and dreaded scholarly papers — all brought together to honor the landmark 60th birthday of the guest of honor, who may or may not make an appearance, a la the Great Pumpkin.

Red Bank oRBit has our own playful take on this serious symposium, complete with highlights, links to all of the pertinent details — and even a couple of tidbits you’re not likely to encounter anywhere else.

While you’re there, check out our interview with  Marcia Resnick, the legendary photojournalist who’s coming to McKay Imaging Gallery Friday for the opening of Punks, Poets and Politicians, a major retrospective of her work as a chronicler of (and participant in) the great downtown NYC scenes of the 70s and 80s — years exemplified by her iconic shots of Andy Warhol, Mick Jagger, John Belushi and more. It’s all here, at the website that broke the big “Born to Run House” story of ’09 — Red Bank oRBit!



forziatiopenshawsmallIn today’s edition of Red Bank oRBit, correspondent Dorothy Creamer goes deep undercover to bring you a unique insiders’ perspective on Oklahoma!, the beloved Rodgers & Hammerstein musical going up this weekend at the Count Basie Theatre in a new revival by the borough-based Phoenix Productions.

Dorothy’s even gone so far as to get herself cast in the role of ever-feisty Aunt Eller — and in a dispatch from the frontier of the stage, she describes her love for the show, her pride in this production (featuring Jennifer Forziati and Sean Openshaw, pictured above), and her respect for the character she describes as “a kind of superhero” who “churns butter regularly for upper body strength.”

Also, be sure to check back into oRBit over the coming days for our picks on what’s doing (and/or do-able) over the weekend…from a free concert of unaccompanied Gaelic vocalizing and a hair-band silver jubilee, to serious suburban biking, extreme mini-golf and what promises to be one rockingly arty birthday party. All this and a little bit more, here in Red Bank oRBit!



Today’s edition of Red Bank oRBit puts the focus on the Two River Theater, that gleaming cathedral of culture that rose up from the warehouses and woodsheds of Red Bank’s West Side a few years back. Beginning tonight and for the next few weeks, it’s where you’ll find the latest play by one of the most acclaimed new voices on the American stage — playwright Quiara Alegria Hudes, co-creator of the Tony-winning Broadway musical smash In the Heights.


26 Miles is the name of the new Hudes work; a sprawling yet intimate look at how an estranged mother and teenaged daughter re-bond and re-brand their relationship over the course of a road trip that takes them from the Philly suburbs to Yellowstone National Park. We talk with director KJ Sanchez about the twists and turns that got the play from there to here — and we find out just how she intends to show all that drive-by scenery onstage.

Two River Theater is also the setting for a special event on September 27 — a live edition of SModcast, the downloadable program offered up each week by Bayshore-bred Bodhisattva Kevin Smith (above) and his longtime View Askew producer Scott Mosier. The two co-hosts will shoot the sh*t fantastic (it’s also a signing event for the new book Shootin’ the Sh*t with Kevin Smith: Best of the SModcasts), and, as we report, a limited number of half-price tickets are available as we go to post.

All this and more in the days to come — from updates on RiverCenter’s Taste of Red Bank and Third Thursday events, to the return of some former young turks of punk rock, to an insider’s look at the wonder that is Oklahoma! Right here, in Red Bank oRBit.




Here at satellite site Red Bank oRBit, we can vouch that what used to be considered the iron curtain of Labor Day has become as threadbare a concept as the fall TV season — an idea that’s pretty close to meaningless when you consider how packed with stuff these post-Labor weekends have become down the Shore.

Weather permitting, we’re staring down a weekend of street fairs and open-air art fests; of grand opera festivals and skimboard competitions, triathlons and multimedia lectures, flea markets and charity walks and doggie fashion shows and even a late-night, large group nude photo shoot. All this plus the return of the Red Bank Town-Wide Yard Sale — and we’ve got the goods on all of these goings-on, broken down into the categories of “PLEIN AIR,” “PLAYIN’ OUR SONG” and “PLAIN WEIRD.”

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reverendhortonheatThe Labor Day contractions are getting closer together, and today’s edition of Red Bank oRBit has laboriously selected a handful of diversions for your pleasure, from the Long Branch Jazz & Blues Festival, to the Broadway Scrapbook revue — to the return of the Reverend Horton Heat (right), with whom we’ve got an exclusive interview on the eve of his latest Jersey Shore pitstop.

The raucously rocking Rev is just the latest in a long line of celebrity “gets” that our little hyper-local arts and entertainment website has brought you — an elite bunch that includes familiar actors (Jason Alexander, Martin Short, Robert Wagner, Joe Pantoliano), rock icons (Roger McGuinn, Southside Johnny, Will Lee), jazz/blues legends (Mose Allison, Hubert Sumlin, Bucky Pizzarelli), old-school new wavers (Billy Bragg, Robert Gordon, Wreckless Eric), comics (Pat Cooper, Judy Gold, Colin Mochrie), plus authors, filmmakers, choreographers, roller derby queens, drag queens, scream queens, famous puppets, and, for some reason, esteemed U.S. Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky.

It can take a lot out of us, for sure, so let’s all enjoy the long holiday weekend — and check back with Red Bank oRBit over the next couple of days, for some fresh interviews with a couple of strange visitors to our fair Shore — showbiz wheeler dealer Howie Mandel, and UK punkrock pioneer Hugh (The Stranglers) Cornwell!




Today’s edition of Red Bank oRBit has the details on an event that ought to be of interest to you few (but fervent) fans of country music here on the Jersey Shore — and no, we don’t mean the kind of processed cheez whiz they book into Six Flags and the PNC.

It’s the third annual Jersey Country Revival, an event that offers up thirteen cutting-edge country acts over thirteen hours; all of it organized, assembled and agonized over by our favorite Suburban Hillbilly, Michael Patrick.

Michael’s the man who brought roots-music geniuses Justin Townes Earle and Pokey LaFarge to the Shore for the first time, and in this benefit for the Cooley’s Anemia Foundation he’s put together a card that features Red Bank fave Rob Dye, newgrass exciters Victory Gin, blues griller BBQ Bob — and John Eddie (above), the veteran Shore rocker who’s “gone Nashville” in a big way.

It’s all there, in all its twangy texture, in today’s Red Bank oRBit — and tune in tomorrow for our exclusive interview with another guy who’s taken roots Americana to a whole new blockbusting level — the Reverend Horton Heat!




Book signing appearances by baseball badboy  Darryl Strawberry (right) and niceguy DJ Pete Fornatale. Benefit bike races around Fair Haven and Sandy Hook. Celeb photo exhibit openings and doggie fashion shows; mini-golf and mini-concerts in the most unexpected places — it’s all happening in this busy month of September, and all there for your perusal in today’s edition of Red Bank oRBit.

It’s also drawn from The Orb, that mystically all-seeing feature that provides the poop and the scoop on practically every diverting event of note in and around the greater Red Bank orbit. You can gaze into the dazzling crystal yourself; it resides in the left column of our site. Still, once a month we’ll be pulling down from its pull-down database to bring you an early and helpful heads-up on a selected sackful of special events that might have otherwise escaped your notice — the better to make those donations, fill out those registrations, get that Hermes scarf on your uncooperative pooch.

Hey, you try sharing space with an insufferably “all-knowing” Orb — it may not be easy, but it comes in handy when you’re looking for a one-stop source for events info. And you’ve come to the right place, which is to say the pixelated pages of Red Bank oRBit!




There are hotly anticipated new features starring Brad Pitt, Sean Penn, Matt Damon, Hillary Swank and Daniel Day-Lewis. Festival circuit darlings and foreign-made standouts. There’s even the directorial debut of Drew Barrymore — and you won’t have a chance of seeing any of them, at least not for a while, unless you sneak a peek at Red Bank oRBit first.

Today’s edition of our entertainment-minded satellite site offers a chat with Chuck Rose (above), the Brielle-based film scholar and screenwriter who for 20 years now has presented the Filmmakers Symposium series, a subscription-only event that returns to the Loews Monmouth Mall multiplex this month with a 12-week program of not-yet-released new films, discussions and even some surprise appearances by actors, filmmakers and other dream-factory professionals.

Rose has hosted the likes of Alan Arkin, Ethan Hawke, Helen Mirren, Viggo Morensen and Kevin Smith in the past, so anything’s certainly possible — but it’s only accessible by signing up, and we’ve got the details (as well as a first look at the possibly featured films for 2009) right here in Red Bank oRBit!




Perhaps only your cynical pals at Red Bank oRBit can look at something as festive as the Fair Haven Firemen’s Fair and call it “summer’s sweetly sadistic endgame,” but there you have it. The ferris wheel of life has cycled back ’round again, and as we remind you in today’s dispatch, one of the surest signifiers of the summertime SADS is making its six-day stand tonight through Saturday.

Also on the agenda in the early contractions of Labor Day Weekend: the second coming of the Counting Crows in their Count Basie fundraiser, re-scheduled from last week when Number One Crow Adam Duritz (above) took ill. This plus what looks to be the premature end of the concert season at PNC Bank Arts Center, plus a jolly new beginning for veteran Jersey radio personality Judi Franco. We’ve got the pertinent details on all these, and more.

Then tune in tomorrow, when we give you a first look at some exciting things going on in the weeks following Labor Day — including the return of a pretty amazing film series, a major celebrity photo retrospective, a visit from Darryl Strawberry and lots more — only, for now, in Red Bank oRBit!



Just as having a computer makes everyone an expert on everything, so it seems that surviving this far into 2009 makes ’em all think they know what it’s like to Live the Blues.

Well, today’s Red Bank oRBit takes it straight to the source, to a guy who eats Blues for breakfast, brunch — and birthday dinner.


If you’ve spent any time in and around the upstanding establishments of the local music scene, you know Billy Hector (right) as a veteran of 30-plus years in the bands and barrooms of the Jersey Shore rough and tumble — an affable guitar god who speaks friendly and carries a ferocious axe attack. You’ve seen him play the strong persuader at nightspots like The Downtown, launch fireworks into the night at the Jazz & Blues Festival, and act the musical ambassador at venues up and down the east coast.

This Saturday, Hector celebrates his birthday with a big gig at the equally historic Wonder Bar in Asbury — and we’ve got an exclusive chat with the man, in which he expounds on everything from roots influences and missing friends, to new tricks and Powerpuff Girls.

It’s all there, with more picks to click coming for the weekend, only in Red Bank oRBit.



Submitted for your approval: today’s Red Bank oRBit brings you one Josh L. Lachowicz, by day a veterinary oncologist at Red Bank Veterinary Hospital, where the families of his patients call him “Dr. Josh.”


At night, Dr. Josh becomes Joshua Louis (right) — singer, songwriter and keyboard player whose latest CD My Special Friend is a benefit project for the Save U.S. Pets Foundation. The artist is more than happy to offer his original music for human consumption as well, and in coming evenings present two opportunities to hear him showcasing his songs in public, deep in the heart of Red Bank.

We’ve got the details on the Doc’s doings downtown, along with an exclusive interview in which Josh opens up about influences, emotional workdays and personal paths — only here in oRBit.



Today’s Red Bank oRBit takes you to the outer-limits fringe of the local orbit — all the way to NYC, where the 13th annual edition of the New York International Fringe Festival is in full effect on a motley panorama of off-off-Broadway stages.


We’re depositing you on the Fringe because a trio of  creative locals are among the playwrights who’ve worked hard to get their work seen within the forum that gave the world the left-field smash Urinetown. One of them, Middletown’s own Mary Lynn Dobson (right), is directing a new production of her funny 10-person ensemble piece that satirizes the petty egos, blown cues and wardrobe malfunctions of community theater — a little thing called Two on the Aisle, Three in a Van.

Then there are Long Branch guys Brian Breen and Michael Chartier, whom you’ve encountered here before as authors of an entertainment called  Far Out! The New Sci-Fi Musical Comedy. As we explain, it’s a 1950s-style tunefest that involves good girls, bad scientists, greasers, mind-controlling commies from space and the Supreme Eyeball.

Hey, they laughed at Urinetown too. In fact, they still do. That’s kind of the point, and you’ll find the details you need right here, in the Nth dimension of planet oRBit!



Today’s Red Bank oRBit brings you an interview with Marybeth Maida — Red Bank resident, Borough Education Foundation vice president, mom and media professional — to say nothing of active, dynamic, even innovative cancer survivor.


In tandem with her good friend and cosmetics industry insider Debbie Kiederer, she’s also the author of Beauty Pearls for Chemo Girls, the world’s first guide to makeup, wigs, skin care, nutrition and spiritual wellbeing aimed at women who are undergoing chemotherapy. Marybeth and Debbie have chosen Red Bank’s own Frank Talk Art Bistro and Books for their first-ever promotional appearance, and they’ll be signing books and introducing their new website Saturday afternoon — followed at Frank Talk by a “Naturally You Hair Mixer” presided over by sibling success stories (and natural hair care experts) Candace and Palisa Kelley.

It’s all here, in the one place that tops the summer reading list at the virtual beach — Red Bank oRBit!



Today’s Red Bank oRBit has a preview of a benefit concert happening Friday night at the Two River Theater — a fundraiser for the Monmouth County-based nonprofit Prevention First and its slate of programs designed to stave off the effects of violence and substance abuse in our local communities.


Given the organization’s focus on youth, it’s only fitting that they’ve assembled a concert ticket that spotlights some of the most awesomely talented teenaged performers on the Shore’s famous music scene — a ticket headlined by Quincy Mumford (right), the high school senior who’s received raves for musical sophistication and beyond-his-years wisdom. We talked to the busy Quincy (he played three gigs in three places last Saturday), who shares the stage with a pair of Red Bank Regional students — Cara Salimando and recent grad Phoebe Holiday Ryan — both of whom you’ve met in our pixelated pages.

Before all that, however, a reminder about tonight’s special reception and lecture on T. Thomas Fortune, going on at the Red Bank Public Library, where an exhibit of Fortune-related memorabilia continues into September. It’s a rare look at the influential work of the famous African American journalist and editor, who lived in the now-historic Fortune House in the early years of the 20th century, and we’ve got the details up here, where the air is cool and clean, in oRBit!




That’s cabaret crooner and top-shelf nightclub entertainer Eddie Bruce (right), the Philly-based star whose acclaimed appearances in Manhattan and AC haven’t stopped him from making the Shore part of a balanced diet of regional touring. The singer — who some of you might recall as the original host of the 1980s Philly TV show Dancing On Air — brings his special tribute to the artistry of Tony Bennett back to Tim McLoone’s on the Asbury boardwalk this week, and today’s Red Bank oRBit has a fun conversation with this young performer who’s got a surprisingly long history in show business.

A New York City serenade of a different sort is going on over at New Jersey Repertory Company, where the hard-hitting drama The Rant opens later this week as the latest original new work on display at that fighting professional stage. Penned by a former caseworker for NYC’s Civilian Complaint Review Board (the people forever caught in the no-man’s-land between the city police and the public), the play looks at the elusive “truth” of a  tragic shooting incident, through the perspectives of a harried caseworker, a grieving mother, a police officer and a tabloid reporter. We talked to director Jesse Ontiveros in an attempt to piece it all together: we hand it all back to you, fair and balanced, and you decide, only in Red Bank oRBit!



Today’s Red Bank oRBit has early word of a couple of new happenings going on around the borough business district, where Red Bank RiverCenter is getting ready to launch a new series of Third Thursdays promotions — a monthly slate of sales incentives, in-store promos and outdoor entertainment designed to turn your Thursdays into something resembling the new Friday. We’ve got the details for you, in advance of next week’s debut.


We’ve also got a way-in-advance look at a special event that’s being cooked up for later in September: A Taste of Red Bank, a self-guided, pay-one-price tour of some 30 participating borough bistros. We’ve got an up-to-date list and all the links you’ll need to get started on your savory stroll.

But if Thursday’s the new Friday, then it looks like Saturday’s going to have to do the work of both Saturday and Sunday, as the annual Clearwater Festival — that edu-taining and environmentally themed summer celebration presented by the newly rebranded New Jersey Friends of Clearwater — marks its tenth year in Asbury Park.

Here in 2009, the Red Bank-based Friends have condensed the event into a one-day affair, with an all new FREE admission policy and a lineup of talent that’s highlighted by folk legend Oscar Brand (pictured) and pedigreed bluesman Guy Davis.

All this and more choices for the weekend, coming up over the next couple of days, not only in Red Bank — but only in Red Bank oRBit!



Today’s Red Bank oRBit takes it down to Long Branch, the better to toast the memory of West End’s greatest contribution to our popular culture (after the Windmill) — the late 20th century author, activist and all-around wit Dorothy Parker.

dotsmall1A member of the legendary Algonquin Round Table, an Oscar-lauded screenwriter and one of the most-quoted poets, columnists and storytellers in American history, Mrs. Parker never made much mention of her Jersey Shore roots. But for the past several years a dedicated group of fans have carried a torch for this founding mother of the Vicious Circle, gathering at the local library for a program of readings, skits and book signings, followed by some serious cocktail action and a justifiably famous Dog Parade that includes canine costumes and an honest-to-God “Blessing of the Pets.”

There’s also an invitation to all “Parker poseys” to take part in a Dorothy Lookalike Contest, open to everyone regardless of “age, gender or hat size.”

So park it right here —  at the big round table known as Red Bank oRBit.



Today’s Red Bank oRBit features an interview with one of the most accomplished performers you’ve likely never heard of — a vocalist, writer and globetrotting musical ambassador who’s sung for presidents, starred on Broadway, written songs for Streisand by personal request, and even manged to collaborate with the late great Cole Porter.


As we point out, if Ann Hampton Callaway (right) isn’t quite a household name here, we’re probably just going to need a bigger household to contain all that talent. Callaway (who wrote and sang the theme song to TV’s The Nanny — there’s a point of reference for you! — comes to the Jersey Shore for the first time this Thursday night with a recently-added show at  Tim McLoone’s in Asbury Park. We’re on the scene, natch, to find out everything, including how she got De Niro to do it 50 times, and how she made Gorbachev cry.

On the other end of the musical spectrum, we remind you about a guy whose Great American Songbook skews more to the John Lee Hooker, Bo Diddley side of things — George Thorogood, who invades Red Bank’s Basie Thursday night with his Delaware Destroyers, plus 30-plus years of gear-grinding bluesblast favorites and that guitar sound that’s guaranteed to peel the gold-leaf paint off the most genteel of renovated 80 year old auditoriums.

It’s a flute of champagne, with a bourbon/scotch/beer chaser, right here in Red Bank oRBit!




Today’s edition of Red Bank oRBit issues a little bit of a reminder about two high-profile shows on local stages in the coming days — a Wednesday appearance by John Legend and India.Arie (pictured above) at the Basie, preceded by a Tuesday concert at the PNC starring those somewhat less photogenic (but no less legendary) feudin’ pals Crosby, Stills & Nash.

In the case of the Legend show, it’s a chance to see this top-shelf pop act in a cozier setting than his Thursday night appearance at Madison Square Garden. With CSN, it’s an opportunity to catch them before their new album with career fluffer Rick Rubin makes them cool again.

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It’s been just over a year since redbankgreen‘s homegrown satellite Red Bank oRBit went online, and to mark the festive occasion, we pay a follow-up visit to D’jeet?, the local-organic restaurant and catering company that we profiled on our very first day of oRBitude.


What a difference a year makes, as it turns out — because the popular business owned and operated by Casey and Jen Pesce has just moved out of its charming but somewhat claustrophobic setting in a cottage just off Route 35 in Middletown and reopens this week in a shiny new location in The Grove at Shrewsbury.

Coming on the heels of the Pesces’ wedding anniversary and the imminent birth of their first child, it’s a move that sees the catering-oriented business evolve into a full service lunch/dinner restaurant, with a seven-day schedule, a staff of 20 and even its own dedicated organic herb garden, located right out in front.

And, as Chef Casey (right) explains to us, the part that’s not subject to change is the founding philosophy of strictly local ingredients, and an ever-changing menu of seasonal delights.

Also in today’s oRBit, a rundown of recommended musical entertainments for Friday, with more to come when you check back Saturday and Sunday. Only in Red Bank oRBit — still here at your service, and in the same location, since 2008!




Today’s edition of Red Bank oRBit keeps it in the borough’s business district, where Red Bank RiverCenter has a hand in a couple of events that just might have you seeing red — or ghosts, even.

The shades and phantoms come courtesy of Jersey Shore Ghost Tours, who inaugurate a brand new series of Red Bank Walking Lantern Ghost Tours this Friday night, a series that continues through Halloween with a rendezvous point at The Dublin House — home to the famous house haunter Mrs. Patterson (as well as some decidedly robust spirits).

We talk to Tabitha, the woman behind the ectoplasmic excursions, getting the details of how this whole thing came about — along with a preview of a local ghost story from a pretty surprising source.

It’s all there, along with the latest Orb sightings, in Red Bank oRBit!