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DEER 022815 14The doe allowed caretakers to swaddle it in blankets for several hours Saturday evening, above. Below, the doe struggling to escape the frigid Navesink that afternoon; the deer at left drowned. (Photo above by Stan Balmer, below by John T. Ward. Click to enlarge)


deer 022815 9A deer saved in a dramatic rescue from the frigid waters of the frozen Navesink River Saturday was released later that night – but only after veterinary professionals suggested it be euthanized, redbankgreen has learned.

Second Deputy Fire Chief Pete DeFazio said personnel at the Red Bank Veterinary Hospital in Tinton Falls told him and other emergency volunteers that the hospital had no facilities for the deer, which while uninjured, was cold and immobile, and would probably be euthanized.

“I said, ‘why, after we went to all this trouble, would you euthanize it?'” DeFazio told redbankgreen Monday evening. “How can you kill this thing after all we went through to save it?”

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BacharachSpankClassic pop composer Burt Bacharach brings 50-plus years of make-out music to the Basie stage on Friday… after SPANK! delivers some Fifty Shades of parody on Wednesday. 

Call it Jet-Set Pop; a smoothly stripped-down and swinging sonic signifier of a (real or imagined) time when the wars seemed colder, the winters somehow warmer, and the way of getting where you’re going — whether by 727, Galaxie 500, lunar module or Merry Prankster bus — was half the glamor and excitement in itself.

Songs like “The Look of Love,” “I’ll Never Fall in Love Again,” “What the World Needs Now,” “This Guy’s in Love With You” and “I Say a Little Prayer” traded in the syrupy mush of Easy Listening (and the Legion hall polka-party of Mitch Miller and Lawrence Welk) for a cosmopolitan cocktail of West Coast Cool Jazz, bachelor-pad lounge and transistor-radio soul. And who better to bridge that sprawling generation gap and both sides of the Atlantic than the youthful, dashing, insanely talented composer-performer Burt Bacharach?

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rb moonrise 030215Or something like that. Hey, we’re just having a little bit of fun with the moonrise over Wallace Street in Red Bank and a lighting fixture on the vacant former Smith Barney building Monday evening… (Photo by John T. Ward. Click to enlarge)

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adam nagelThe profile photo of the Twitter user identified as “the Sports Guru,” who Curt Schilling said posted offensive comments about his daughter, is the same one used on Facebook by a Brookdale student named Adam Nagel. Both accounts have since been removed.  (Photo by John T. Ward. Click to enlarge)

[See update below regarding student’s affiliation with the radio station.]


HOT-TOPIC_02Brookdale Community College suspended a student Monday after retired baseball great Curt Schilling outed him as one of at least two Twitter posters who tweeted sexually offensive statements about Schilling’s daughter last week.

The student, who was not identified by the school, was among two or more Twitter users who suggested they would sexually assault Schilling’s daughter, Gabby, after her father announced that she would be attending college Salve Regina University in Rhode Island and pitch for the softball team.

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Tom-Cruise-Edge-of-TomorrowBegin Again: The Tom Cruise sci-fi suspenser EDGE OF TOMORROW screens for free at Middletown Library, kicking off a month of Movie Monday matinees. 

With the “what-were-we-thinking” hiccup of the Academy Award season now a fast-fading memory, Middletown Township Public Library continues its ongoing series of free movie screenings with another month-long slate of recent feature film releases; another chance to catch up with both the multiplex blockbusters and the arthouse curios that slipped between the sprockets.

It’s been called “the best video game you’ll never be able to play;” a smash-up sci-fi epic that unspools like a “Groundhog Day meets Starship Troopers” story pitch. Riding a recent wave of futurama action roles, Tom Cruise stars as an awkward and reluctant warrior whose bum luck in the heat of battle — he’s repeatedly killed in action, only to be time-looped back into the fray — finds him forever poised at the Edge of Tomorrow. Kick-ass mentor Emily Blunt molds Cruise into a fighting machine capable of taking on the alien nasties, and Doug Liman directs the 2014 thriller that screens in MTPL’s Community Room today, March 2 at 2:30 pm — with much more to come.

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The following schools have announced delayed openings as of 5:45 a.m. Monday because of icy road conditions. 

HOT-TOPIC_03• Brookdale Community College: Delayed openings at all locations.

• Fair Haven schools: 90-minute delayed opening.

• Little Silver schools delayed openings: Point Road School 10 a.m., Markham Place 10:05.

• Red Bank borough schools: two-hour delay.

• Red Bank Catholic/St.James: delayed opening.

•  Red Bank Charter School: delayed opening.

• Red Bank Regional: Two-hour delay.

• Rumson Country Day School: 90-minute delayed opening.

• Rumson-Fair Haven Regional: Period 1 starts 9:15 a.m.

• Shrewsbury School: 10:30 opening, morning preschool cancelled.

• Tinton Falls school: delayed opening.


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Video of the rescue as the boat goes out a second time and brings in a deer. Below, the two deer in the channel they created as they tried to escape. (Video and photos by John T. Ward. Click to enlarge)


deer 022815 3One deer was rescued and another drowned after they fell through the ice on the Navesink River off Red Bank Saturday afternoon.

The dramatic rescue of a doe followed an all-out effort by local fire and first aid volunteers assembled on the dock of the Oyster Point Hotel, on the Red Bank side.

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nsib&yc 022815 1 nsib&yc 022815 2With more than a foot of ice beneath their runners, the world’s two premier ice yachts had everything they needed to race on the Navesink early Saturday – except for wind.

The Rocket, the 127-year-old prized possession of Red Bank’s North Shrewsbury Ice Boat & Yacht Club, was set to race the Jack Frost, which belongs to the Hudson River Ice Yacht Club. The two yachts met last year for their first matchup in decades. And if the wind comes up before 3 p.m. Saturday, or sometime Sunday, “there will be no goodbyes” as the two teams head out onto the ice, said Red Bank’s John Oakley.

The club cannot allow the general public to access the river via its property because of liability issues, but the best viewing of a race would be from Marine Park anyway, said Oakley. (Photo by John T. Ward. Click to enlarge)




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ScottyBasieNYVScotty Barnhart and the Count Basie Orchestra make a too-rare and much-appreciated return to the historic venue that bears the name of the fabled Kid from Red Bank this Sunday, with the New York Voices making themselves heard.

“I called him the Chief,” said Count Basie Orchestra conductor Bill Hughes from the stage of the Count Basie Theatre, during a 2004 salute to the late and legendary William “Count” Basie. “He was ‘Bill’ to the well-to-do; ‘Count’ to the common folk… and to the pimps and hustlers he was simply BASIE.”

The baton’s since passed to trumpeter and bandleader Scotty Barnhart, but when the Basie Orchestra returns to Red Bank this Sunday, March 1, it’ll be picking up where it left off: celebrating the legacy of the fabled “Kid from Red Bank” in a too-rare match-up with another long-running institution that bears his brand.

Scheduled as a 3 pm matinee (or “3 O’Clock Jump,” in the pioneer swing pianist’s parlance?), the March 1 concert teams the CBO with a relatively young musical organization that bridges the perceived gap between the 1930s-’40s golden age of American jazz, and the globally savvy sounds of the new millennium — New York Voices.

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brian williams 121612NBC News anchor Brian Williams onstage at the Count Basie Theatre in December, 2012. (Click to enlarge)


Was news anchor Brian Williams robbed at gunpoint while selling Christmas trees in Red Bank in the late 1970s, as he has repeatedly claimed – including once before a packed house at the Count Basie Theatre?

That question, and some speculation by local old-timers, threw fuel on an already-raging firestorm about the truthfulness of the NBC News helmsman and former Middletown resident, who was later suspended by the network earlier this month for misrepresenting facts about an incident in Iraq.

Brian Donohue, an nj.com writer and commentator, did some legwork on the Red Bank piece of the story. And while he and his colleagues failed to unearth any specific evidence supporting Williams’ claim, he found plenty to refute the rose-colored reminiscences of locals who said it could not have happened because stuff like that just didn’t happen in Red Bank in the 1970s.

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CircusSummerThe Kennedy Mystique: the egg-tempera CIRCUS SUMMER by Eileen Kennedy is among the items included in DREAMSCAPES AND SHAPED DREAMS — an exhibit of works by the painter and her cousin Lynne Kennedy, going up on the walls of the Oyster Point Hotel.

The river breezes may still be blowing more bitter than sweet, but as sure a sign of Spring — surer even than Punxsatawney prognosticators, or pudgy pitchers — is the sudden proliferation of art exhibitions in our area’s galleries, grand lodgings, and even greenhouses. It’s an explosion of color that begins, appropriately enough, amid the plant life of Sickles Market in Little Silver this weekend — and it continues, in the days and evenings to come, in places both safe and surprising.

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AUTHORITIES_RB3The crime and arrest reports below were provided by the Red Bank Police Department for the period of February 19 to February 26, 2015. This information is unedited.


None reported.


A 17 year old juvenile male of Red Bank was arrested on 2-22-15 in the area of Maple Ave. for Poss. of CDS, Marijuana under 50 grams by Ptl. Nicholas Maletto.

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Recent arrest reports, unedited, as provided by the Middletown Township Police Department.

AUTHORITIES_MTOWN2-2014Michael Olski, age 49, from Atlantic Avenue in Middletown, NJ, arrested on February 12, 2015 by Patrolman Kent Thornton for Simple Assault. He was released pending a court date.

Dennis Knapp, age 44, from Highland Avenue in Leonardo, NJ, arrested on February 11, 2015 by Police Officer Stephanie Geisel for Unlawful Possession of a Weapon, Possession of a Weapon for an Unlawful Purpose, Terroristic Threats, Possession of under 50 Grams of Marijuana, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. He was held on $67,500.00 bail set by Judge Richard Thompson.

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rb fowl 022615 1 rb fowl 022615 2Arianna Deleks, an employee at Char Steakhouse, shoos a pair of ducks onto the sidewalk on Broad Street in Red Bank Thursday afternoon. Deleks said the ducks showed up two days ago and keep wandering into traffic, and she’s worried they’ll get hit by a car.

“It’s so sad that they’re here,” she said, when they should be down on the nearby Navesink, which is frozen. (Photos by John T. Ward. Click to enlarge.)

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SiobhanFallonHoganMovie-TV actress (and Rumson mom) Siobhan Fallon Hogan returns to the stage of Two River Theater this Saturday with her sold-out solo show, ‘Acting Out.’

Hers is a face you’ve likely encountered in and around her home on the Greater Red Bank Green, where she’s apt to be sighted at one of the schools her kids attend — as well as many of the staple sites of local community life.

A quick safari through the channel guide can match that face with a whole streaming smorgasbord of well-known movies and TV shows, from Seinfeld (she was Elaine’s roommate Tina), Men in Black (she was the alien farmer’s wife) and Forrest Gump (she played Dorothy the school bus driver), to Danish director Lars Von Trier’s arthouse oddity Dogville, and under-appreciated items like New in Town with Renee Zellweger. Not to forget a stint as a cast member on Saturday Night Live.

Expect to see a bit more of her. Beginning this May, Siobhan Fallon Hogan, a Rumson resident of 10 years, will be a regular presence on Wayward Pines, the Fox TV “event thriller” limited series (starring Matt Dillon, Terrence Howard and an ensemble supporting cast) from producer M. Night Shyamalan. Before that, though, Fallon Hogan returns to the stage of Red Bank’s Two River Theater — where several years back she debuted an original one-woman show entitled The Salty Sea PTA — with an all new showcase for her multi-tasking character skills.

Written by its star and entitled Acting Out!, the all-new comic solo quickly sold out its two scheduled performances on Saturday, with an encore presentation now added for Thursday, March 12. The Drama Desk at redbankgreen managed to catch up with the beyond-busy actor, mom and playwright, prior to a brief but well-deserved beach vaykay — and between a weathery year of shooting in Canada, and a run of rehearsals here on the icy banks of the Navesink.

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